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When it comes to top quality appliances, customers have a world of choices. For the best appliances around, Appliance Hyper is undoubtedly, the best place to be. We started small in 1980 with a clear goal in mind; to supply Johannesburg and South Africa with the latest, best, top brand appliances! We are one of the biggest suppliers of all types of appliances nationwide. Over the years, we have earned several loyal customers. Our customer service is unrivalled! By rendering superb customer service, we earn the respect of our customers and secure their future business success.


When shopping for kitchen appliances, Appliance Hyper wants you to have the best, most convenient experience possible. We love our customers simply because, if we treat them well, they’ll come back and maybe bring some of their friends along. In regards to our range of appliances, you’ll be spoiled for choice. We sell all types of appliances for the kitchen, living room, dining room and your entertainment area. Come and see some of the latest model appliances from leading brands such as LG, Defy, Bosch, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and, of course, the best names in electronics like Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, Phillips, JVC and Toshiba.


At Appliance Hyper, you can not only be assured of superior customer services but also affordable pricing. We aim to bring you the best appliances an offer you an unbeatable price. You can always be assured of the best, top brand quality when you shop with us. We are a level 4 rated BEE company and we are proud to be a part of the process of empowering our fellow South Africans.


Superior customer service, unquestionable loyalty and amazing prices are but a few of the excellent services we offer!


Come and pay us a visit and see why Appliance Hyper offers only the best appliances in the industry.


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Different Usefull Home Appliances

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We sell all the leading brands such as Defy, Bosh, LG, and Whirlpool to mention a few. We have the appliances for private home appliances, industrial appliances such as coin operated tumble dryers, and products best suited to residential complexes and flats. For residential complexes and flats we also sell beds.

If we don't stock it we will order it for you.


We offer GREAT PRICING on package deals. If you are looking to complete you Kitchen with all the build in appliances, or just normal Kitchen appliances, we will be able to save you money. We try to give you the best deal.


Our delivery teams will make sure the product you purchased is safely delivered with respect for you and your home to ensure you get all the performance you expect from the products you purchased.

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